The Everyday Bag

AW Backpack 3

You might not be in high school anymore, but you can still carry all of your essential gear with you in a stylish backpack. In fact, a surprising number of fashionable guys rely on one for a casual, everyday, bring-to-work-and-the-beach-and-everywhere-in-between bag. This isn’t your grade-school backpack, though –  keep things clean, simple, and of course, adult. While a classic leather portfolio is not at risk of looking too casual or juvenile, a backpack is and should therefore be treated with a little more care when choosing one. There are a surprising number of trendy options in bold colors, shapes, and fabrics, but your best bet, especially if it’s your only one that will need to be able to complement any outfit, will be  a bag that’s simple enough to keep from looking like you borrowed it from a grade schooler.

Herschel PacksHerschel Supply Co. is very popular due to their widespread availability and vast collection of styles, fabrics, and prints. I personally find most of their more basic designs to be slightly twee, like their “classic” line, available in bright  colors like red, yellow, and royal blue, that seem like they belong in a grade-school class room rather than on the back of a young professional. Aside from those more juvenile styles, though, Herschel does offer some decidedly cool packs in subdued shades, and are definitely worth checking out.

Surplus Backpack 1   Surplus Backpack 2For a slightly more mature look, you can find decent bags with some cool, rough-and-tumble attitude at your local army surplus store. Just remember that you’ll be carrying your everyday necessities like a laptop and sunglasses, not trekking through deserts with 50 lbs. of gear. Choose a modestly-sized backpack accordingly. I like the Rothco “Vintage Canvas Mini Backpack,” pictured left, due to its perfect size, modest design, and extremely affordable price – they can be had online for about $25 on eBay and various military surplus web stores.

AW Backpack 1

On the other end of the price spectrum, backpacks are also available from high-profile designers, whose recent runway shows proved that the backpack is not just for kids anymore. This one from Alexander Wang, for example, is made from a beautiful, buttery-soft calfskin with a killer distressed aesthetic. A designer backpack, especially one made from top-shelf leather like this, isn’t cheap, however – this one will set you back $895 at Barney’s.

AW Backpack 2      AW Backpack 2

Photos courtesy of Keeps Workshop and Hypebeast


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