The Want List: Outlier Three Way Shorts

As The GQ Eye points out, summer packing can be a hassle when you need shorts for the beach, shorts for the gym, and shorts for casual wear. Just packing for a day trip out to the Hamptons can get frustrating; I don’t want to wear a bathing suit around the city and on the train, but packing a change of clothes adds more bulk to an already overflowing tote bag, and there’s not always a good place to change once you get to the beach.

Enter the Outlier Three Way Shorts, a pair of trim, classic shorts that works just as well in the ocean as they do at the gym or in Central Park. These shorts are designed with a classic trouser silhouette (belt loops, side and back pockets, zip fly) but made from Outlier’s “4Season” fabric to breathe well and pull sweat away from the body to keep you nice and cool. With these you can go for a run, hop in the water to cool down, and then hit the town without missing a beat, and while staying – and looking – cool.

These shorts have a perfect 8.5″ inseam that looks slim and tailored, but they’re also available in a 5″ inseam for those of you who’ve been doing your leg presses and want to show off, or a longer 10.5″ inseam that hits just at the knee if you’re not into the look of the smaller ones. They’re all available in a solid range of colors, and while a bit steep at $135, they’re a fantastic solution for beach-goers who want to pack lightly.

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